Saturday, February 23, 2013

Reassessing Priorities in Life

I spent the last two days wrapped up in the cocoon of my hammock studying the seasons of life. 

We lost a friend this week, not to old age, but to malpractice.    

Ten years ago, an inattentive nurse delivered the wrong medication to an 18 year old boy recovering from brain surgery, and the child never moved more than a facial muscle again. 

He walked in the hospital and was wheeled out…only to spend more than a decade in a convalescent home. 

On the 21st of February, this young man’s soul was released.  All who knew him wept.

I’ll not write much more about this sadness.  The unfairness of it all is still too hard to grasp. 

But like all life’s sorrows, events such as these tend to wake the rest of us up, push us out of our comfort zones, and remind us to keep reaching for the sun. 

“Have I become all that I’m capable of being in this life,” we ask ourselves.  “Have I embraced all that’s necessary for my spirit?” 

Or the favorite, “is there anything I’ve put off doing that needs correcting?” 

And there always is.  There always is.

So today I’ll stay home and kiss my babies, but tomorrow I’ll start planning my trip to the tropics.

The sea has been calling me for awhile now.   

And it’s time to answer the call.

What’s Been Keeping Me Busy Lately

Love Those Wide Open Spaces is a blog designed to follow my daily life as a freelance writer and rancher.  It’s a life full of constant change and a wide scope of interests.

Freelance writing, by its definition, requires the ability to write on a variety of subjects, to juggle many assignments during the times of plenty, and to fill the void when checks are slow.   That said, I’m always writing.

Much of my work is done for others such as corporations, websites, or articles penned under another’s name.  I’ve sold the rights to these works, so they can’t be shared. 

However, many of my projects are available under my own name and can be read right here on the web.    

 You can click on either the site or the story below to see them.

Check out what’s been keeping me busy lately!



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